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The Houston Elite MC’s (T.H.E.M.) consists of Hollywood Floss, Dustin Prestige, hasHBrown, John Dew, Rob Jay, Kidd the Great, Thurogood Wordsmith, The K.I.D., Phonix & Nya.
T.H.E.M. will be releasing a group album later this year titled ‘NONPAREIL’, meaning “having no match or equal; unrivaled”.

The album’s first single, produced by Chris Rockaway,‘Shaolin Blow’ was inspired by Wu-Tang Clan posse cuts popularized during the 1990’s. ‘NONPAREIL’ is a boldly diverse project that draws from many different inspirations, while displaying the unique talents of a group of emcees from Houston, TX.


Stream & Purchase ‘Shaolin Blow’ below.


Co-owner of the Space City Beat Battle, 1/3 of Council Music Group, founding member of T.H.E.M., and the living inspiration behind hasHBrown aka Jett I. Masstyr. Let's talk marvel, or sports, or not at all.

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