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Houston is experiencing a musical renaissance of sorts, with new faces popping up all over and familiar faces in new places. The Hue is an example of the latter. By now, you may be familiar with H.I.S.D. who have graced us with career-defining releases like The Weakend; and Radio Galaxy, their genre-bending play-cousin who refuses to do what they’re told to do. The two sides have joined forces in an ambitious new effort titled Aurora. The significance of the title will be explained at a later date.

When they first mentioned the collaboration to me (and they’ll be the first to tell you), I had a million and one questions about why it was necessary. They’re both having good runs in their respective paths – why sidetrack your progress with a “side project”?

Over the course of the last year, my concerns have been proven to be unfounded. This project exceeds my expectations, and more importantly, exceeds what each entity has done individually. They’re all making the best music that i’ve ever heard them make, and i’m even MORE excited to see what happens after this.  For the time being, i’m going to sit here and gush over this folder of Aurora songs. I absolutely cannot wait until the rest of you get to hear this.


If you haven’t already, check out “Drive” the debut single and video – and stay tuned to RIK for some good promo action coming next week!


THE HUE is a collaborative effort of HISD and Radio Galaxy, who have joined forces to explore the creation of music without boundaries.

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