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“…You only want it when you’re drunk…”

A few years ago, a girl I used to talk to on Twitter sent me a batch of loose mp3s she was listening to. The one that I found myself coming back to was “If You Want It (You Got It)” by TV Girl. You can stream it off Soundcloud below, or peep the band performing the song live just below that.

It was probably the really sharp lyrics/songwriting, and the obvious sample that did it. The horn loop, the sleigh bells, the drums kept me coming back. Some “indie pop” (whatever that means) vocal situation with early 90s hip hop styled production. Kind of reminds me of something Digable Planets might have hooked up for an off album song, production wise. Or like, when Bullion remixed Pet Sounds in the style of Dilla. Beach Boys over beats. I’m with it.

I never really investigated the rest of their catalog, but made a point to follow them on Twitter. Amusing, semi-trolly tweets here and there.

I caught a tweet or a sponsored Facebook post about their debut album French Exit this morning, and made a point to download and check it out. Production is still great, in a hazy, 90s sort of way which is giving me hella #nostalgia feels, and the song writing is pretty sharp.

(or download it for Free) or stream it below:


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