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The homie Surreal produced this joint in honour of Dilla.

Always a heavy time of year, remembering the brightness that was lost to us 8 years ago this month, but also, sometimes getting Dilla-fatigue. Between all of the redundant mixes that pop up this time of year, and the retrospective “Dilla meant this much to me” declarations across social media, the commemorative t-shirts, and emcees kicking struggle bars over leaked Dilla beats—exhausting. Granted, this is me being judgey, so I’ve mostly kept quiet this month.

But when greatness is lost, rather than dwell in the emptiness, let the greatness inspire you to create on your own. Surreal, a deft producer and MC has also conquered film and directing. Check the video he directed for Oddisee. Let greatness inspire you, don’t mourn forever.


Founder of Rappers I Know and Art Director to the Stars...of the Underground. Follow him on Twitter @fwmj.


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