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Tabu one of the more prolific rappers in my group of favourite rappers ever (that’s The Niyat by the way) just released his second release with Rebel Crew (the first being his introductory mixtape recorded to cassette and released early last year). It’s his first official EP with Rebel Crew apart from his cobtributions to The Niyat and affiliated projects.

Production by I.V. League and JHK. Full production credits and stream after the jump.

“Moon Children” produced by I.V. League
“Space Travelin'” produced by JHK
“Phantom Star” produced by JHK
“Razor Storm” produced by JHK
“War Jets” pproduced by I.V. League
“2nd Amendment” produced by JHK
“Noor Saber” produced by I.V. League


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