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In 2011 I decided to act on a goal that had been growing in my brain for the five years preceeding. The idea I began with, a collection of seven-inch instrumental records, transformed over the course of two years into a custom box set of three seven-inch records and a ‘zine, all original everything. During that time I called on homies I’d gathered through my traverses in the raps and the internet and ended with a collection of new art I felt very proud to present. Eight songs of new music from ten artists I love, six pieces of writing from writers I respect, two interviews conducted by myself and eight photographs from photographs I look up to. The bandcamp page has more details.

I named it Classic Drug References because I wanted the production process to give me a parallel experience to when I had a blog of the same name in 2006-2008ish. That blog was where I dove headfirst into the rap internet, met more friends than I can count and opened the door to experiences that have shaped me as an individual. I also wanted to be able to create an experience for other people that would mirror the kinds of reactions I would at times get to material on the blog.

The process was frustrating, scary, expensive, isolating and awesome. I’m glad I can start sharing it with other people. The first “leak” from the project is a song that Danny Brown cut over a Mndsgn beat in the weeks before XXX dropped in 2011. I dig it, hope you do too.

You can preorder the physical box set at bandcamp (starts shipping Nov 25th), or do the iTunes thing if you prefer. Support is always appreciated.



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