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Mark de Clive-Lowe is gearing up his 11th studio album Church and launching a Kickstarter to support the project. Payday ain’t til Tuesday T_T, so that’s when he’ll get my contribution.

If you’ve been to one of his CHURCH events whether in Los Angeles, where he’s now based out of, or New York then you know what a good time that is and are likely pressed to hear that experience captured on record.

Here’s what Mark had to say:

I’m a half-Japanese, half-New Zealander musician, based in Los Angeles since 2008 after spending a decade in London. That’s a mishmash I know, and probably a big part of the reason why my music is such a melting pot too. I’ve released 10 studio albums since 1996 and numerous remixes, collaborations, shows and tours later, I’m here gearing up to independently record and release my next album!

For the past three years I’ve had a live music event resident in LA and NYC that we named CHURCH. It’s equal parts jazz club, live remix experiment and dance party – part acoustic, part electronic; part planned, part improvised.

Each month I’d bring in special guests to collaborate with me and meld creative minds. From my favorite musicians, to my favorite singers and MCs, to my favorite DJs, I’ve been fortunate to have so many of them be part of the vibe. There’s been amazing shows outside the US as well – Germany, Holland, Portugal and Australia have all hosted the event at different festivals and venues.

Playing with the likes of Eric Harland, James Genus, Nate Smith, Mark Kelley, Chris Daddy Dave, Casey Benjamin, Jean Grae, Questlove, Nia Andrews, Gaslamp Killer, Jose James and others has been an amazing experience and tells me that this album is going to be something very special for sure. Every time we throw the event, people ‘get’ why it’s called CHURCH. It’s not about a religious angle – it’s about uplifting the spirit and the human condition through the power of music.


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