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Bembé Segué, one of the mainstays of the West London sound, released her previously unreleased demo album on her bandcmap page yesterday. Here's the in-the-third-person set up for the project:

Rewind to the best part of a decade ago and the debut Bembé Segué album was one of those things underground music lovers wanted to hear more than most anything else. A collaborator with IG Culture, Dego (4Hero/2000Black), Mark de Clive-Lowe, Bugz in the Attic and more, Bembé was an integral part of the West London sound from day one. A prodigiously prolific songwriter and electric live performer, Bembé has always been unlike any other – to say the very least!

This is the demo album – mostly created 10 years ago – and the shape of what was to become that much awaited debut record. Chopped samples, epic live band, bedroom productions and studio outings provide the setting for Bembé's songs and explorations…

I especially like “Cosmic Spaces”.


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