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Yeah. I'm quoting myself.

Happy Independence Day. #IndieRap


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  • Jay Large says:

    Rap got messed up when rappers got happy selling 16’s for a few hundred dollars (having no shame about who they are getting affiliated with), and producers got happy selling computer beats for a couple hundred (having no shame about who they are getting affiliated with). That’s why there will never be another “Gangstarr” or “Public Enemy” or “Brand Nubian” or “De La Soul” or “Tribe Called Quest” what ever happen to a straight up artist projects,straight up tracks made with real passion and with real substance, with no guest features, no ghost writers…..those days are gone thats why old school rap survives among so many of us.

  • Space Mack says:

    We have no one to blame, but us. Jay Z told us along time ago “Fuck the art, l’m about making money”. So we can’t complain now when he set the blueprint for these new rappers, and we didn’t say shit. We ran with it and called him the greatest MC not knowing the game will end up like this.

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