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You might remember first hearing of Silent Knight from the Rawkus 50 campaign. Lotta heat in that camp, despite the lack of promotion of all the artist involved (Hassaan Mackey, Kaimbr, Finale, 6th Sense, The Foundation, etc).

SK released the follow up to his 2011 LP Busy Is My Best Friend. Dope beats, dope raps, what more do y’all want? Guest appearances by Homeboy Sandman, MadKem, Kon Boogie, Rasheed Chappell, YC the Cynic, Audible Doctor & Soul Khan. Production by Analogic, André Laudz, Audible Doctor, DJ Dyllemma, DJ K.O., !llmind, J57, Madwreck, Red Walrus

Stream on soundcloud, cop on iTunes.


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