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Eddie Moore and the Outer Circle are primed to release their first album, The Freedom of Expression, tomorrow. You can stream it here now. BONG! If you're in Kansas City, MO you should stop by the release party tomorrow night at the Blue Room and get a copy on CD.

There's a feature on him in get your ex girlfriend backnks-to-hip-hop-pianist-eddie.html”>The Kansas City Star:

“When I started out listening to jazz I was trying to get my hands on stuff that was modern, looking for things to relate to. That’s where Glasper came in. Now I have to go get everyone he listened to, to get the information from the source.”

He’s checking out Art Tatum, Erroll Garner (“so soulful, that the way he plays melodies is just great”). Just looking for ideas that can enrich his own music and widen the grooves — looking for things that ring true to a generation of jazz players looking at the whole history through a new lens.

“I’m as connected to hip hop influences and R&B as I am to jazz,” he said. “Without hip hop I never would have played jazz. It’s all music.”Read More


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