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The homie Kris put me up on this uptempo, horn driven track by Free Radicals featuring The Niyat and H.I.S.D. D-ology’s verse is below.

“Landmines, lines, borders, and land lines.
Demilitarized zones expand through mens’ rise.
In demise again, and again the pride
precedes destruction, and genocide through enterprise.
The crimson guard keeps the gate keeper energized.
Creepin to secret meetings in grim reaper rides.
Orders issued down via what the beast decides.
Fate of the people riding shotgun, being quiet.
Desensitized sheeple accept the centralized,
IMF power play and spooks spin the lies.
Bullet ridden walls of separation splitting tribe.
Pump the dummy, kill the wise, push the real aside.
A Dark side of the force, pale horse rider.
Apartheid only vilified the pyramidal eye.
Beaming from the capstone temple in the sky.
Waving cloak from your vision like demons in disguise.”


Founder of Rappers I Know and Art Director to the Stars...of the Underground. Follow him on Twitter @fwmj.

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