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I haven't actively bought vinyl in a long time. Before The Black Opera, I can't really remember the last time I was asked to design an album cover for a vinyl format. On a personal level, that kind of bums me out that vinyl is such a dying format, even amongst hip hop DJs, what with the Serato and the like. There's few feelings like seeing some artwork you've toiled over and cultivated for weeks on end, pressed up physically. Even better is seeing it at a full 12″x12″ vinyl jacket. Thankfully, there are labels out there that make sure to press up vinyl for collectors, appreciators of art in general, and DJs that still like the pop and crackle of the real thing.
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Then towards the end of last week, Kev Brown and John at REDEF Records hipped me to Soundsheets. Huh? Perhaps this is a super late pass for me because I'm so removed from vinyl purchases anymore, but apparently you can press up paper thin vinyl record sheets, that you can roll up, twist or bend, and will still maintain sound quality when dropped on your slipmats and a needle placed on 'em. It's like a 7″ floppy disk (remember those?).

REDEF pressed up this limited edition 45rpm of a previously unreleased, early Kev Brown joint recorded in 1998. Classic Kev Brown, from before there was a classic Kev Brown sound. It's safe to say, Kev has never sucked at making rap music. Crazy.

I have a copy to give away and will figure out how I wanna go about doing so. Stay tuned. For now, download the mp3 for free, or grab a copy if you can't wait (you shouldn't wait).


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