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Right to Left: Hadyn, Dego, DJ Brainchild, FWMJ, Waajeed, Ari Saal at Dego’s Moving Back To London Party

First time I met Hadyn was at Nancy’s flat in Brooklyn, the night of Dego’s (2000black, Silhouette Brown, 4 Hero, etc) going away party before moving back to London. I made my Mom’s fabled coconut creme cake and brought it through, and as you can imagine it was a typical meeting of obsessive social and music critics and practitioners critiquing at levels bordering on hate (ha!). As I came to find out, Hadyn and I have a handful of familiars in common and I’d hear his name brought up from time to time, but had no idea who he was. He was understated on our first meet, and I was in rare form hating and shitting on any and every music artist that was brought up in conversation.

I had no idea he made music at all that night, until a few weeks later when he sent a group email to some folks about his new 3 song EP, Guise. I downloaded it, but didn’t take the time to listen to it for a few weeks. I get a lot of music sent to me, I download a lot of music, and then I’m one of those jerks that “only listens to music his friends make”. Some of his production credits include Jesse Boykins III, Nicholas

Ryan Gant, Mara Hruby DeCoudreaux, and some others I’m still finding out after digging around a bit.

One day “Manchild” (Listen below) off his Guise EP came on iTunes’ shuffle, and I was pretty impressed with the production. This song will be featured on Gilles Peterson’s (BBC Radio 1) Brownswood Bubblers Eight compilation.

So then I got my research on and started looking for other stuff he’d done, and why he didn’t mention really that he produced while at Dego’s going away party when we all of us that didn’t know each other did the “So, what would you say it is—ya do here?” in an Office Space-y matter.

I happened upon his Mauve EP from a few years ago, and again was impressed. Free download too! Take a listen!


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