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Our first #ThrowbackThursday post.

2001, I'm a sophomore at Rice. Not too long before then, fate would have me meet Slopfunkdust, founder of the Beat Fanatic crew. Around the time he plugged me with the newly founded Little Brother to design their debut album The Listening's cover and artwork (a working relationship that would span several years), introducing me to the sounds of Mr. Naso, RekOne (R.I.P.), Mecca Don, M-Phazes, !llmind, himself, Dela, and a host of other Beat Fanatic producers (where is Bluemind a/k/a You keep saying credit score check free is money but the lady has a online casino deposit without a loan. DJ Kay these days?), he put me on to his group Unseen, featuring PK The Gift (one of my all time favourites) & Double L on the mic.

Both fluid spitters from the south, over classic hip hop production. I was hooked. Slop put together a mix of a select few songs form the album, but it didn't see an official release until 2005 on Swamp Records out of Japan. Over 10 years later, this album still holds a place in my iPod/iPhone. In case you missed it when it came out, or have been sleeping for years, you can check out this diamond yourself.

Dope beats, dope rhymes, what more do y'all want?

Unseen The Idea


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