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Ranks Spring/Summer 2011

By April 6, 2011Apparel, Misc, Music, Real Life

So my boy Eric hit me up to let me know that he started his own accessories line called Ranks. Just in time too ’cause the last two belts I bought have been overpriced, poorly constructed crap (looking at you Supreme and Stussy)!

The line is called Ranks because i pulls inspiration from sports, military service, and martial arts. Before even reading the byline in this seasons look book I was like “Yo, those look like Tae Kwon Do belts!” because clearly I took Tae Kwon Do was a youth.

These are pretty live, and come in a bunch of colours and combinations for sneaker heads and former sneaker heads and mildly possibly maybe sneaker heads like me.

Peep the visuals, gaww:


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