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hasHBrown – Relationsh*t EP

By February 14, 2011EP, Music

On the celebrated day of “love”, Houston’s own Rap Mayor hasHBrown offers up a soulful and realistic cautionary tale about relationships. The Relationsh*t EP is produced entirely by his alter ego Jett I. Masstyr. Relationsh*t will be made available for free download February 14th, 2011. The EP features spoken word poet 100, guest verses by Dustin Prestige, Thurogood Wordsmith of T.H.E.M.
Relationsh*t starts off like many relationships in the “honeymoon” phase and journeys through the conflict that arises, infidelity, forgiveness, and reconciliation. This EP is not the typical “I love you” fest that is associated with Valentine’s day “planned” infatuation. The EP feeds off of real experiences that most listeners can relate to directly or draw from with their own experiences of a close friend or peer. Jett I Masstyr offers a patented soulful sound scape that easily provokes emotions for hasHBrown to navigate his story through. Love might never be the same.
hasHBrown- Relationsh*t EP
1.Introduction (words by 100)
2.Beginning of the End
3.Degree of Difficulty (ft. Thurogood & Dustin Prestige)
4.Good Days Bad Weeks
5.The Flash Point
6.Quail Hunting ft. (ft. Thurogood)
7.Forgive Me Not
8.If Loving You is Wrong
9.Be Sure It Works Out(ro) (words by 100)

all tracks produced by Jett I. Masstyr for Jett I. Masstyr Music, LLC.
track 9 featured additional production by Chris Rockaway for Rockaway Productions

executive producer(s): Ryan Rayford & Saint Valentine for Council Music Group & T.H.E.M.

mixed & mastered by Chris Rockaway

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