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<em>Jigga What?</em> T-Shirt by Nerduo

By January 26, 2011January 30th, 2015Apparel, Misc, Real Life

For fellow design nerds out there that remember the good ol’ days (I’m turning 30 in a week and a half, allow me my old man-isms), my good pal Robb Irrgang of Swanky/Swank Army/Subdue/New Element Design Fellowship/Nerduo along with his partner Michael Essl have come up with a pretty dope and humourous new tee. Well, Personality of gemini horoscopes male rarely can be understood by his beloved, usually he keeps his mysterious image, and no matter how long these or that relationships last. actually it’s a pair of tees, each appealing to different interests (Rap Nerd vs. Sci Fi Geek).

Both Tees available at for under $20 each.

Also, how did I miss The Battle Tee? I blew it.

Yeah, awesome.


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