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On Saturday I took some time out from painting walls in Williamsburg to check out 713 → 212 in Tribeca with Dego and Nancy. Been a long time since I’ve been to a good Jazz show, and I was glad I was able to slide through.

As expected, the sets were incredible. I missed the first set, but got there just in time for the Kendrick Scott Oracle’s set. Guitarist Mike Moreno was a pleasant surprise. The entire band was playing well with each other (bass player was killin’ too) but I don’t know if it was because he was front and center, but his playing was so agile and… well, smooth. According to his website, he played on Bilal’s first album as well as Q-Tip’s The Renaissance.

You can cop his music off his website and stream a few below:

Mike Moreno — Third Wish “Criss Cross” Sample
Mike Moreno: guitar, Kevin Hays: piano, Fender Rhodes, Doug Weiss: bass, Kendrick Scott: drums

Mike Moreno — Between The Lines Samples
Mike Moreno: electric and acoustic guitars, John Ellis: tenor and soprano, Marcus Strickland: tenor, Aaron Parks: piano, Doug Weiss: bass, Kendrick Scott: drums, Tyshawn Sorey: drums

Sample 1

Sample 2

Somewhere in the middle of the set I remembered that I could record voice notes with my iPhone, and that that would serve better than crappy video, so I recorded a bit of a song during Kendrick Scott’s set. LoFi but still sounds good.

Kendrick Scott with Jason Moran, Mike Moreno, Robert Glasper and more

You can also see video that Ronethea took with her camera of the Geto Boys “My Mind’s Playing Tricks on Me” during ERIMAJ’s set, as well as JAMO playing Scarface’s “My Block” with Robert Glasper after the jump.

The musicianship is always top notch whenever Glasper, JAMO, Chris Dave, or Alan Hampton are involved as far as I’m concerned so that was kind of a given that the night would be good. Got put onto some other musicians from the crib that I wasn’t aware of, so that was good too. Perhaps what excited me most was being able to introduced Dego from 4hero/Silhouette Brown/2000black to Chris Daddy Dave. Let’s hope some more good music comes out of that inbetween Chris’ sessions with Mary J and Nas.

Ended the night eating epic waffles with Dego and Nancy. Good Weekend. Listen to more Jazz. Space up!

JAMO vs Glasper “My Block”

ERIMAJ “My Mind’s Playing Tricks on Me”



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