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88 Keys… GEEK DOWN!!! © J.Dilla

By December 22, 2010February 25th, 2016Beat Fanatic, Premiere, Real Life


  • FWMJ says:

    @Insider: that’s not nice
    @Johnny Knox: that’s not nicer

  • Insider says:

    Nah not even, I JUST KNOW THE TRUTH and he’s a DICK RIDER like you JONNY KNOX !! How many bitches FUCKED YOU or youv;e fuck go clean your soul!!! Dilla did looked my way plenty of time WOW what a joke A nigga fucked 88 keys in the ASS and he gave head to that NIGGA in Orange, so how many fucked you at a stick up????!!!

  • Insider says:

    I would NEVER sell my soul to the DEVil like JOHNNY KNOx and 88 keys by fucking any APES. Evidently you would and him, just like KanyeWest that’s why his mother is GONE cause he signed his life away to the DEvil. You’ll think your putting GOOD music out there but your NOT your only making it HARDER to be amongst the HIP HOP community. Talking about fucking Apes are you kidding me!!!! Dont fuck wit me Johnny Knox cause you’ll get Played, HOMO!!!

  • Insider says:

    Johnny Knox RIDES DICKS!! DOnt stick up for 88 cause you’ll get burned!!! I dont want to know anybody that kknows 88 and you cause that would mean Im riding with the devil and Im not!!!

  • prisonfood. says:

    @Insider: *tumbleweed*

  • Insider says:

    @ prison food- yawn

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