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Ali Shaheed x Phife Dawg Cancellation Statement Australian Tour 2010

By October 29, 2010November 23rd, 2015Misc, Music, News, Shows

Posting this on behalf of the crew:

We regret to inform our fans that due to mishandled business by Australian based Peace Music, we must postpone our proposed Australian tour slated to begin November 26th 2010 to a later date.

It has been brought to our attention that Peace Music has released a statement saying they we were victims of an elaborate scam involving a UK based booking agent. We have no personal knowledge of this to be fact nor online casino did we have any knowledge that the UK based agency was allegedly acting on our behalf for this tour.

Additionally, the supposed link to the claimed booking agent on Phife Dawg’s myspace is a misstatement. Peace Music attests to have done all they could to rectify the issues surrounding the tour when in fact Peace Music was alerted to a number of concerns from management months ago but all warnings were ignored. Their lack of attention to managements concerns lead us to this unfortunate postponement.

In light of these issues, we are working on making this up to the real victims, our fans. We are currently making arrangements to plan our return in February 2011.


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