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DJ Cozmos aka Scramble Jones in the Studio

By July 30, 2010Beat Fanatic, Music, Premiere, RIK.TV


  • King says:

    LOL, my nikka, always cooking em up!

  • Anonymous says:

    Gave this dude a ride home about 7-8 years ago. We were both in a very similar effed up position in life. We both agreed to each others sentiments of getting our lives together, going to finish our educations, and other etceteras. He was a talented producer even waaaay back then. He offered to work with me as he respected my skill as an emcee. We have mutual friends, and were both kicking it within the same circles for that time period. Fast-forward to 2010. Saw Coz on a college campus while buying my wife her books. He looked happier, and healthier. Seems we both turned our lives around for the better. Dude recognized me, looked right at me… And, then damned near avoided me… LOFL, maybe memory failed you… No biggie. I’m still writing, just not rapping anymore. My successes came from a very unlikely place. Wasn’t gonna talk about working musically with you this time. I’ll still buy the album to support a brother who is still trying to do something positive and not stay in a rut. Be easy brother.

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