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Slum Village Breakup Interviews

By July 29, 2010Interviews, Music, News

I’m gonna edit this with my take on it later. But for now, now I’m bummed.

WJLB Interview with T3 with phone calls from Phat Kat & DJ Dez
[audio:] [audio:] [audio:]

WJLB Interview with Elzhi, with a freestyle
[audio:] [audio:] [audio:] [audio:] [audio:] [audio:]


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  • hl says:

    “I’m gonna edit this with my take on it later. But for now, now I’m bummed.”

    ^Word. They had a good run though.

  • Artman says:

    Let me guess the same Dork that won’t be fair to Elzhi and just pay him his money, also was the dork that didn’t use this FLY Album cover! for the real album cover release……. OMG! This is fresh! whoever did this album cover did a really good job.

  • titi_215 says:

    I’m more interested in your “take” on this then the actual break-up. Little Brother, now this? Next they’re gonna tell me there’s no more Roots Crew! Rule #4080 and folks being just plain greedy is killing relationships and my favorite groups are disbanding. #iCant

  • Traestar says:

    WOW thats deep man!!

  • ML says:

    so sad….we lost another great one……(and for the record the album artwork is SICK props to the designer)

  • GoDetroit! says:

    Well Well, That Reunion 2 video was a really really bad commercial. T3 what a great way of doing a crap job. You can’t leave out Elzhi. After all he is what made Slum Villages flows good. Dilla’s Brother is not Dilla. So what if he looks like Dilla his rapping is not Elzhi. Barak Records are poor decision makers with out Elzhi nobody cares. Word is Bond I’d bet that album don’t even make gold.

  • J.Rob says:

    Why do the comments in the interview seem so contrary? T3 sounds like he is playing to the audience and fronting to Dez. Then again we all know these cats in the business and they all have different takes: a handsome payment to one is a handout to another. That’s one of the reasons why Dilla left… SV never made enough money for him.

  • Deonus Does it All says:

    WOW, Elzhi just killed it on that Freestyle. True talent in a group always comes to the surface. I can understand when the paper isn’t right you’ve got to take a stand and go, but T3, RJ, or whoever needs to really work on touching dude off the right way cause I don’t know how SV is going to be able to come off right without El.

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