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Thrown every year since Vasco and I have lived together in NYC, this was the 4th BBQ myself, Vasco, and Megan have had in Prospect Park where we invite our high school, college, and back home friends to come visit us and see what Brooklyn has to offer.

It rained this year, but that made it the best one yet! Rappin’ ass rappers and sangin’ ass sangas that were in attendance were Chip Fu, Kay of the Foundation, Donwill of Tanya Morgan, Che Grand, Nicky from HEAVy, Ayah and Tona from Toronto, Dat Boy Dirty Red of the Hustle Skwad and Black Milk after performing at Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival which went on the same day in DUMBO.

These photos by Lemu Coker. Video coming soon by the homie Raphael Nash.

If any of you that attended have pics as well, share ’em in the comments.

Happy 26th Birthday to my sister Ari by the way. Peace to Just Blaze & DJ Soul for looking out!

Peace to my roommates Lisa and Allan Cole of The Stuyvesants for putting up with the extra house guests we had this weekend on account of the BBQ. Y’all the besss mayne, we did it!

roomie pic take 2


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