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Dawn of the Drake Theory


Next Tuesday marks the release date of the last debut rap album to ship or sell half a milli. I’d be shocked if B.o.B.’s album, legitimate pop hits and all, will ever reach that total. But it came out before next Tuesday regardless, so…

“Thank Me Later” will be the very last in world history to do so.


The date is almost here.
June 15, 2010.
The final Gold (500K), or better, rap debut in world history.
Nope, not first week, but total.


Forever mayne.

Please discuss, or not, and Thank Me Later (dap)


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  • dont buy it and thank me now_ rapper? a lil_ more like r n b_ hes not big cause hes a dope rapper_
    hes not goin to sell 500k for a minute if he does
    hit the jump

  • CtrlAltMalik says:

    Haha This is a good prediction.

    But Drake has set the formula for hip-pop for the next 10-15 years, industry heads will use this formula to cook up some sort uber Drake.

  • zoe vega says:

    I think it’s ridiculous to even say Drake is a rapper…much less a lyricist! This kid (along with Lil Wayne) has put some of the corniest raps, hooks and lyrics this year! People do not know what REAL Hip-Hop is; today it is just about what catchy, Jay-Z is only helping him so that he can drop his album to a younger audience! Real Hip-Hop left 10 years ago! Damn!

  • J.Rob says:

    Minus my own jabs at Drake’s ability to write & flow, nevertheless, the kid has talent. Many artists have been given the opportunity to shine and blew because of personal reasons (namely almost every Philly rapper ever). This kid was given the same opportunity and has found what this generation wants.

    That said, I believe (like I said in the 90’s with gangsta rap) rap must change or it will die (again). The era of beef and burners poppin’ off gave way to Crys’ poppin’ and Maybachs and Bentleys. Looking further back then that, the era of the positive message/ one-two verse gave way to gangsta’ rap. At the end of each era there was a noticeable decline in sales accompanied by a spike in the sales of the new rap (hip hop) form.

    Someone will find what the next generation wants and it will sell big. As far as volume Bav, we have had this convo before. It is hard to say with the advent of digital media how record sales can be recorded and what constitutes a “hit record.” Maybe it will be the number of hits to the label/ artist/ recording company/ yourube/ FWMJ’s or any other site added with iTunes sales, and beacon trackers following FTP for particular songs. Maybe some other way.

    What I am saying is that there are too many people out there for a hip hop/ rap song to go platinum, it just might be in a different form than from we are used to.

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