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Video::”Me On the Mic” feat Vooski

By May 25, 2010Mixtapes, Music, RIK.TV

[ The homie M.O.S. aka Dookie Vizion always liked “Me on the Mic” because it’s pretty derogatory towards sucky rappers, handicapped mc’s and such. I don’t really do that style often, but when I do you get a song like “(bah-VOO)” or the upcoming “Remedy” off the upcoming “Too Selfish” album. Well M.O.S. likes that brashness, the whole school-a-rapper, slightly angry type thing from me because he knows I suppress it at this point in my life. But he is of the opinion that in hip hop you have to bring the bully out sometimes.

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M.O.S. and I are close enough to where when he really feels a song that I had something to do with, he is able to slowly but surely get the details worked out with me and not charge me a million dollars to get a nice quality video done. If you don’t believe me, check out Mojoe’s “Strange Revival” video. ]


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