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My Brother

By May 14, 2010Misc, Real Life, RIK.TV

Stop giving out your address. You can’t fist fight or out argue a borough worth of “nahmeans” who wanna come see you because you speakin’ plain opinions disguised as plain fact.

Listening to all this made me feel old. All the tough guy posturing/chest slapping is corny. And what’s up with Angela Yee always turning a conversation sexual. Can a woman not exist in hip hop without having to play the ‘sex kitten’ role? That shit is corny to me.


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  • FWMJ says:

    Kay Slay too old for all that loud talkin and buffin’ and then not really having an argument to make in the first place. Way too old.

  • Gahbij Barz says:

    WTF is up with people saying “Shout out to all the Blogs.”


  • FWMJ says:

    and then don’t shout out our blawg wth!

  • DBDR says:

    So, Kay is saying that since the South is eating now they shouldn’t be upset at anything said in the past.

    Just a ludacrisp (c) Mike Tyson argument.

  • FWMJ says:

    Kay Slay don’t know what point he tryin to make. He just mad Jay is talking ‘aggressive’


  • Derek Lipkin says:

    I want my 3:34 back. Yikes.

  • Ghostdog221 says:

    Why is hip hop so sensitive? First this whole Buddens-Method Man thing and now its Jay against Kay Slay/9th Prince. I wish hip hop fans would stop holding their heroes so close to their hearts and getting butt hurt every time someone has an opinion on them.

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