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Beats By Rhettmatic: The Boom-Bap Collection 2.0

By May 10, 2010Mixtapes, Music


“In honor of celebrating my birthday (which is today, May 10th) & the kickoff of 1st official European Tour for Crown Royale (Buff1 & Rhettmatic) in a few days, I want to share with you this little collection of songs & beats that I’ve produced.”

“A lot of people know me for being a Battle Dj / Turntablist, as a member of the Beat Junkies, or as a member and the Dj/Producer of the Visionaries… what a lot of people don’t know me for as a Producer… period, and that I have been doing production for quite sometime. I actually want to showcase some material (some Old, some Album & B-Side cuts, some Exclusives) that people might be surprised that I actually produced some songs that was outside of my usual circle; You might be pleasantly surprised to see whom I have worked with….Plus I included some material off the upcoming Crown Royale album with Buff1 & myself.

Hopefully you will enjoy the music & nod your head to this. If you enjoy it, please feel free to share it with your friends or post it up on your music blogs.

I’m just thankful to God that I can live another day to able to do what I love to do… and thank you for even peeping out the music.

God Bless You.”

Download: .ZIP Archive 96.2 MB

Rhettmatic - The Boom Bap Collection 2.0 Rhettmatic - The Boom Bap Collection 2.0

Beat Junkies
Crown Royale
Bobo Meets Rhettmatic


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