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Jay Electronica “The Ghost of Christopher Wallace” featuring Sean “Puffy” Combs

By April 30, 2010Music

Sorry this wasn’t up any earlier gang. Jay sent it to me yesterday, but I was on my way to Detroit. Aaaaaaand I’m a lil hung over this morning haha. Congratulations to my brother Vasco L. Bridges, III for getting his MBA from the #Rawse Skool of Bitniss out here in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Also, shout out to his slow internet at his apartment. I’m streaming Elliott’s link right now #yeezyshrug

Jay Electronica “The Ghost of Christopher Wallace” featuring Puff

Iono if the one everyone haves is the one with Puff talkin shit for like 3 minutes after the song is over, but if not I’ll upload that one myself later.

Yo Jay, this is funny ain’t it?


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  • Chris says:

    Sweet. Now Puff gets to f#ck up Jay’s songs too. *sigh*

  • Journey Brave says:

    Big shouts to Jay Electronica and Quincey Tones for creating a great tribute to B.I.G. Consider this a tribute to a tribute. I did this to reinforce the reality that Hip-Hop is alive, music is just so manufactured and processed that it’s hard to find that organic sound . It seems like you need a big powerful machine to be heard. Thanks again to Jay Electronica for staying true to the art and giving emcees like me hope. Check it out, I promise I won’t disappoint ” The Ghost of Christopher Wallace pt.2″

  • J-Boogie says:

    This was so necessary.

  • Henry scales says:

    Let’s be serious I am from the south. Jay is making Hip hop the shit again think about it not only is he talked about BUT he delivers (minus the mix tape, big names, etc) Plus he spoke on the Rza. Now is the time for all rappers to show and prove. Hip hop is not dead its just that we kept looking to New York for Hip Hop. The first shall be last (New York) and the Last shall be first (all other areas that love Hip Hop as well). I still love New York hip hop but Jay is a real MC. He is challenging all MC’s damm what more could we ask for at thirty years old this is fun again. No southern niggas is not slow we gave the world clearance 13x Elijah Muhammand and noble drew ali Michael Jordan (raised in the south since birth). The Rza should have spoke on his own words not Kay Slay. Now, let Rza (city boy) pick up a MIC and battle Jay (country). I love both and I love Hip hop great music keep up the good work and keep praising GOD Jehovah. P.E.A.C.E.

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