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Arthur Verocai Mix by DJ Nuts

By April 21, 2010Music

Download Arthur Verocai Mix by DJ Nuts

JKim had this to say:

The Timeless Concert Series wasn’t just a series of stunning performances. All the shows were framed by our favorite DJs. Madlib, J. Rocc, House Shoes and Quantic all came with amazing sets. Cut Chemist even raised the bar with a one turntable romp.

One the eve of the Verocai show, DJ Nuts was supposed to perform with Madlib. He made the arduous journey from Brasil after completing a show with Marcelo D2. He endured a punishing series of flights that took 20 hours to complete, and in the end, a plane delay caused him to miss his own set at the start of the show.

In a pinch, J. Rocc stepped up to the plate and performed a stellar set at the Luckman in his place, and Nuts went on to DJ a mind-blowing two hour set at the after-party.

So much of Mochilla’s dealings in Brasil would not have been possible without Rodrigo Teixera (known to the world as DJ Nuts). The Verocai concert surely would never have happened without him. His role in helping with the pre and post coordination was enormous.

DJ Nuts is an astute and rigorous historian of Brasil’s vast and varied musical culture. His record collection is legendary; his skills as a DJ are world class. We commissioned him to make this mix to help people understand the extraordinary legacy of Verocai. Many by now know Verocai’s self-titled album, some even know the more popular compositions and arrangements, but none have dug as hard as Nuts. Years of collecting and a strong friendship with Verocai himself have made this historic mix possible. 78 minutes of all Verocai compositions and arrangements is a dream come true.

For such a mix to be made, only a true Brasilian music aficionado could have created this, and we are honored to be able to share it with you.


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  • brook says:

    this is first class right here. i was blessed to be able to attend the “Timeless” premiere at this year’s SXSW in Austin. Here i thought i was gonna be viewing the three-film series in its entirety and instead witnessed J-Rocc freak the shit out of the films by mixing the video and audio LIVE. the shit was nutts (pun intended). major props to mochilla and everyone involved in the Timeless project. I’m waiting patiently for my DVD set to arrive in the mail.

  • King says:

    yea this dud goes hard, i got to check this out!

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