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Homeboy Sandman Off The Wall Session

By April 15, 2010Misc, News, Real Life, RIK.TV

I’ve been aware of Homeboy Sandman for a while, been in the same room with him a few times, and heard a few bars I liked.

One of my biggest personal obstacles is when I’m put onto new stuff, it’s sometimes hard for me to listen with an open mind, because my mind is already so full to the brim with music from my own crew or…rappers i know.

I say that to say this, I’ve never really investigated Homeboy Sandman’s music outside of what I’d heard in passing at shows or at Fat Beats. This video interview and album cover makes me want to pay attention.

Album cover and Tracklist after the jump. The Good Sun on June 1st.

This rises June 1st on High Water Music.

1. Core Rhythm (produced by Core Rhythm)
2. The Carpenter (produced by 2 Hungry Bros)
3. Not Pop (produced by Core Rhythm)
4. Yeah But I Can Rhyme Though (produced by Ski Beatz)
5. Table Cloth feat.Fresh Daily (produced by M Slago)
6. Low Co. (produced by Pyscho Les)
7. Mean Mug (produced by Ben Grymm)
8. The Essence (produced by 2 Hungry Bros)
9. Strange Planet (produced by KO Beatz)
10. Being Haved (produced by DJ Spinna)
11. The Things They Carried feat. John Robinson & Daniel Joseph (produced by Core Rhythm)
12. Calm Tornado (produced by Thievin’ Stephen)
13. Listen (produced by Kentron The Mastadon)
14. Angels With Dirty Faces (produced by J57)


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  • DENONE says:

    This is DENONE of Obey The Altar Native. I been trying to get my joints listened to as well and Homeboy Sandman has been the only true emcee that has told me and my crew that we should not stop. Homeboy Sandman is what this rap game needs more of.

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