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Janelle Monae “Tightrope” featuring Big Boi Video

By April 13, 2010Music, RIK.TV

Been taking my time getting on the Janelle Monae train. Some things you can’t force yourself to like, before you’re ready to like it. But I enjoy this. Lil Michael. Lil Richard. Lil Stevie. Lil James. But I enjoy this. She’s so tiny.


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  • AMR says:

    Not too many people have heard of Janelle but I think once they have, they’re usually hooked. Maybe that was just me but my first time finding out about her was about 3 years ago in Central Park. I was blown away by her energy and pure talent. Her voice is beautiful and I don’t think you can place her in any particular genre of music. She’s definitely underrated! I think this will be her breakout year though. ArchAndroid drops May 18th and I know it will be quite an experience.

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