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Jamaican cop “suspect” in Canadian slaying

By March 29, 2010News, Real Life

A friend sent me this article about her uncle who was shot and killed in Jamaica this past November, the number one suspect a female officer who seems to be protected by Jamaican authorities. Please read and help spread this story for their family as they look to seek justice.

Toronto Sun – Jamaican cop ‘suspect’ in Canadian’s killing


A female Jamaican police officer is a prime suspect in the slaying of her Canadian boyfriend on the Caribbean island, the victim’s family says.

Andrew Nelson, 42, was found with a single gunshot wound last November in a Kingston ghetto.

The Toronto salesman and the cop had been out for dinner and drinks, family members said.

Nelson’s brother, Joseph, 44, says Andrew had been dating the cop for 11 months. She was attached to an organized crime division of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

On the night of the shooting there was a heated dispute between the couple that turned physical, Joseph said.

“We want the police to bring someone to justice,” he said.

“We want them to catch whoever it was who killed my brother.” Andrew, who is originally from Jamaica, was found with several bite marks and scratches, he said.

“There were people who saw them arguing that night,” Joseph said. “We believe there was a fight and he was shot from close range.”

Jamaican police said at the time that Nelson may have been killed by four armed robbers as the couple was parked at the side of a road.

That theory has been placed on the back burner.

“We believed she killed my brother and left him in the truck and drove off,” he said. “His truck was found in a ghetto area of Kingston.”

Tracy McKay, 39, of Toronto, said she was devastated by the loss of her “best friend.” with whom she had a daughter Tameka, 17.

“The two of them were extremely close,” McKay said. “They spent hours talking on the phone.”

Nelson wasn’t robbed because the gunmen left behind his wallet containing money, a cellphone and BlackBerry, she said.

“We would like to see justice be done,” McKay said. “Andrew didn’t deserve to die like this.”

Les Green, Jamaican acting commissioner of police, told family members in a note last month “the female constable who was with Nelson is the number one suspect.”

“It is suspected that she may have had some assistance but they (police) are unable to prove it,” Green said.

“They are aware of the argument at the bar … but none of the staff are willing to give a statement.”

The woman’s phone was examined and calls were made at the time of the shooting to her mother and daughter, he said, adding the officer has refused to give a DNA sample. A spent shell casing and acrylic fingernails were found at the scene.

“The investigation is very complex since there are no eyewitnesses,” he said from Jamaica.

“There is not enough evidence at this time to press charges.”

Canadian foreign affairs officials are following the case and are helping the family here and working with Jamaican authorities to gather information, spokesman Dana Cryderman said from Ottawa.


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