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FWMJ’s Rappers I Know presents: Magestik Legend – To Be Continued… (Megamix) Chapter 1
Hosted by T3 of Slum Village

Yo. I’ve been mad at this guy for 10 years.Haha.. Seriously. He is one of the DOPEST emcees from Michigan.He would record all these crazy songs and NEVER put them out! He came over my crib one day and we were talking about the theme of “Letting Go”. Next thing I know, he’s playing me a megamix of exclusive material & several albums worth of classic music i’ve heard first hand! So YOU KNOW I had to bring it to ya’ll! Ladies & Gentlemen, here is a piece of the genius of my brother, Magestik Legend. Enjoy, and please hit him up if you like the music and tell him to keep “LETTING IT GO!!” Haha! —14KT

Magestik Legend & FWMJ’s Rappers I Know present
To Be Continued..(Megamix) Chap. 1
Hosted by T3 of Slum Village

INTRO prod by Audible Doctor
BOUT FREEDOM prod by Astronote
BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS prod by Bean One
POSTAL SERVICE prod by Pete Cannon (Outro skit w/Miz Korona)
ALL EYE KNOW prod by Astronote
GET DOE prod by Magestik Legend(Flashback 05′)
THE SHOWBIZ prod by Astronote
POP METAL w/Marv Won & Ro-Spit prod by Astronote
WHERE CAN I START w/ Fes Roc prod by Hill Inc.
DAY BREAK w/Othello prod by 14KT
SHOOT THE BREEZE prod by Oznoh


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