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D. Rose’s Weekly Journal: Episode 04 – “The Niece”

By March 2, 2010Music, RIK.TV

You already know that D Rose is performing at The Standard this Friday. We’re going to take some time this week to give you more insight into the man behind the myth.

Here’s a recent recording session for his new album titled “_____ _______”, being produced by DJ Cozmos. Damien’s 4 yr old niece also pays a visit and gives her honest opinion on what she’s hearing…


Founding member of K-OTIX / The Legendary KO. Unheralded jack of all trades. Spends most of his time these days creating moving pictures and writing some of the best material he's ever written. Likes dogs. Cats - meh.


  • First off, the niece is too cute. Secondly I am mad that I can’t be there for the show but I know D. Rose will do his thing. Keep up tha good work guys. Can’t wait to see the footage.


  • FWMJ says:

    lol @ your neice

    beats soundin good

  • DBDR says:

    Man, hate that I’m going to miss the show, but hate that yall cut off the sneak peek before the goodness started.

    And the look on your face after your niece busted out the stanky leg was priceless. I still need to get the Sqza getting crunk to Lil Big Yung. Maybe this weekend.

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