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#WeAreTheWorld 2010 Sucks

By February 15, 2010February 18th, 2010Real Life


  • Dj ILL One says:

    I`m with you FWMJ. And Jay-Z had a great point also. We are the world is like “Thriller’ . There will only be one. The cause is great,but the song was a failure. Quincy should`ve solely produced the song and not let Wyclef touch the boards at all. The song Kirk Franklin made for Haiti was way better than this. I respect your stance that you and Jay took on this. Many props to you.

  • Joy says:

    @ king will…

    I thought the exact, same thing. I know that any contribution is helpful to those in need; but when you weigh $300K and $10K, it’s laughable (/tragic).

  • Joy says:

    You know what? We are entitled to our opinions. That song is so bad that I blacked out for 5 minutes after viewing the video. When I awoke, I pondered the meaning of life! With all of that “star” power (side eye), they should have done better. The Ray Charles impersonation? Really? Get mad if you want to, but I feel as if Wyclef’s yodeling is a detriment to his people! How are you gonna say that you love your Haitian people, then release that bullsh*t from your vocal cords?!?!?! Love means never having to yodel in order to show your loved ones how important they are in your life. In the end, the song made money for people who need it, so…I can’t hate on that (shrugs).

    …and I agree with every person who said that if Mike was living, he would have told them, “No!”

    (If my Haitian homegirl reads this, I’mma be in TROUBLE! She thinks that Wackclef is quite the humanitarian, and I let her believe that it is so).

  • ninjasoqz says:

    Je etat un oeuf enrage’ = I am an angry egg. peace

  • nahlij1 says:


  • brandon t says: should make a “we are the world” remix with like The ARE, Jay Electronica, The Roots, Madlib, MF DOOM, Flying Lotus, and some other artist that are on top of the game.

  • TACH says: = 100 times better than We Are The World (Remake for Haiti)…

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