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D-ology: Selections from the Dr. Mindbender EP

By February 9, 2010April 23rd, 2015Mixtapes, Music, Premiere, Preview

D-ology said

—Yeah, pretty boy aim /
No room for cute on the battlefield and y’all knowin’ that triggers y’all ain’t /
trigger talk can’t talk ’cause of open court cases /
you want more cases to stay closed,
basically. /

but if you all blazin, and then of course occasionally /
ya faces’ll be seen in sumn, in one of these places /
while u makin your statement of greatness /
fake as a suburb baby raised priveledged claimin’ he scraped it /

yeah right mimick—
keep makin yourself believe in somethin’ a Smith gave you for payment…

His verse (the last verse) on “There Can Only Be One” still kicks ass.

D-ology “Come Thru” featuring Kay of The Foundation, produced by OH NO!

D-ology “Fantastic 4” featuring The Niyat & Kay of The Foundation, produced by Illmind

D-ology “Nose Bleeds” produced by OH NO!

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