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Little Dragon “Blinking Pigs” featuring 1-O.A.K. (1-O.A.K.’s God Made Me Funky Remix)

By January 21, 2010Music

Little Dragon “Blinking Pigs” featuring 1-O.A.K. (1-O.A.K.’s God Made Me Funky Remix)

FILTER is proud to announce that 1-O.A.K, aka Oakland’s Brandon McFarland has been selected as the winner of the FILTER Little Dragon remix contest with Blinking Pigs (1-O.A.K. ‘God Made Me Funky Remix’) With a name that truly begets his unique abilities 1-O.A.K. (One of A Kind) is a triple threat: vocalist, musician, and producer. The freshman of the Bay Area collective the Honor Roll, he has various productions for the entire crew. “Doin’ My Thang”, the funky Baltimore house inspired jump off for Honor Roll first lady Josie Stingray and featuring Ms. Jack Davey (of J*Davey) was his first noted production. This was quickly followed by production for rising stars Mike Baker the Bike Maker (“The Chase” & “Espionage”) and Trackademicks (“Life Is What You Make It”). His vocals are featured on recent albums J. Stalin and Beeda Weeda.

1-O.A.K.’s musical grooming began in church, where he learned to play drums, keys by ear, and sang in the choir. Every other Saturday morning, he and his mom cleaned the house, listening to nothing but Stevie Wonder albums. They kept this routine for 6 years. It was his first introduction to timeless music. This also made him a fan of Donny Hathaway, Luther, Michael, the Hawkins family, and Darryl Coley, all singers who he trained his voice to emulate.

Currently 1-O.A.K. is writing and producing his debut album, as well as working on various projects with his Honor Roll crewmates, including a collective album.


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