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Goodie Mob x Black Milk x Mojoe::Live from TX

By January 21, 2010Music, Real Life, RIK.TV, Shows
[ All videos courtesy of the weekly 54 Reality Show ]

Goodie Mob’s first single, “Cell Therapy”, made it to #39 on the Billboard Hot 100. Basically, a song about the New World Order was relatively equal to what “Money to Blow” feat Lil Wayne and Drake or “Gangsta Luv” feat The-Dream are today. More than 15 years ago, the “Cell Therapy” CASSINGLE I bumped all weekend at the Bayou Classic also had “Soul Food” and OutKast’s “Benz or a Beamer” on it.

Anyway, here they are performing “Soul Food” at Emo’s in Austin.

Black Milk, Mojoe and an action-packed 54 Reality Show after the jump… thanks.

Black Milk recently dropped a MONSTER single called “Keep Going” featuring Daru Jones and AB. He brought them to Austin for Waffle House last week’s show, which doubled as a bday party for South by Southwest Event Coordinator Matt Sonzala.

Mojoe is back home in San Antonio, recently kicked off a Tuesday weekly and are still pushing the “Dirty Genes” LP including new viral single “Strange Revival” featuring Bavu Blakes produced by Symbolyc One (S1). Surely you’ve seen that video by now? Here it is live on stage at the latest Super Soul Shakedown c/o Scuba ‘nem.

All of this superb content comes courtesy of the Hardest Working Men with a gas card, Crew 54, and their seaux consistent 54 Reality Show. Don’t miss the next episode, ok? Cool, here’s the last one:


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