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Rob Viktum – Progress2

By January 12, 2010Music, Premiere, Real Life, View All

Produced by Rob Viktum, featuring the vocal talents of Caucasian, Problem Child, Damien of The Legendary K.O., Elucid, & Bavu Blakes.

Available now on Mega Royal Records, 50% of all sales on Progress Vol 2 will be donated to a Cambodian Charity.

Today is a good day for the homie Rob Viktum and his new record label, Mega Royal. In 2007 Rob released his album, Progress, as a tribute to the Cambodian people and their trials during the Khmer Rouge’s totalitarian rule over the country. His girlfriend’s Cambodian family took him in and taught him of the terrors brought upon their people and their story of fleeing to America. Her dad gave Rob his record collection from Cambodia and Progress was made with samples only from those records. The album was released online as a free download and was a great success.

Now Rob Viktum returns with the follow up and a mission to do more. Using the same records, Rob has created an even greater masterpiece called Progress 2. The Cambodian samples run through this album’s veins bringing life to the instrumentals, keeping the record bumping and kicking from start to finish. Being extremely familiar with Rob’s catalog, I can personally tell you that this is some of his best work ever. You can hear the time put into each song from the samples chosen to the mix of the drums. The few guest emcees that grace the album really add something special. This isn’t the kind of album that forces you to feel a certain way but rather allows you to drift away into your own world and interpretation of the music. But it gets better. Mega Royal Records will be donating the profits of this album to help the Cambodian people who are still suffering from the atrocities committed by the Khmer Rouge. This is a great piece of music and is all for a good cause. It doesn’t get much better than this. Check out a leak track below and make sure you pick this up. We received an advance copy free but still made the purchase for the cause!

Rob Viktum “12/25/1978”

Rob Viktum “5/1/1993”

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