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Sade “Soldier of Love” Video

By January 11, 2010Music, RIK.TV


  • Flash Gee says:

    The visuals make me like the song more than when i first heard it….Excellent!!!

  • King says:

    sade has put some new music out now that are relationship is back on the right track.

    We been through a lot but we still are together LOL.

    Just playing Steady but D randle you know what it is.

  • Damien says:

    @ King – Cmon son. I told you already…we already got this. She doesn’t want you. She never even gave you an indication that she wanted you. Please, let us enjoy our life together. No more of the harrassing phone calls. Quit standing outside our house. We have a restraining order. Sade has eyes for me and me only. You just have to accept it.

  • DBDR says:

    I pulled Sade with my go to line: “Once you go white, your credit will be outta sight!”

    It was a wrap from there. Sorry King and D Randle, we didn’t want you both to find out this way.

  • Rickiedom says:

    Sade is still smokin hot……..I am feeling her for real with the dancers drilling in the background.

  • King says:

    @Damien@DBDR Hi fellas I don’t know who you guys are but this is Sade speaking, I know people don’t get a chance to hear or see me talk but i felt like i needed to come out and set the record straight. I love the King hints the the song “your love is king” that song is about him and my love for him, If anybody want to know how i feel about him just listen to that song. I’m at his house on his computer right now.

  • Damien says:

    @King – {no comment}

  • DBDR says:

    @King – what @damien said.

    Plus, Sade told me that she would never speak to somebody that compared Run DMC to Nelly.

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