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Audrey Kawasaki’s New York Solo Exhibition Hajimari—a prelude

By December 14, 2009Misc, News, Press, Real Life, Shows

A long time ago, when I first started learning about graphic design, there was an online community of graphic designers called Swanky/Swank Army. From there, Dreamless sprouted, and from those ashes, o8, HumHum, Yay! Hooray! and furthermore, Butt3rscotch. Over the years of participating, trolling, abandoning, and rediscovering these communities, I’ve met and been inspired and collaborated with and watched the talents of many, well, super talented individuals. The list of accused talents could go on for days, but let’s talk about Audrey Kawasaki. Audrey, an oft silent, but potent contributor to Yay! Hooray! & Butt3rsotch’s talent pool had her first solo NYC Gallery opening this weekend at the Jonathan Levine Gallery (running until January 9, 2010), and after nearly a decade of virtually knowing many on these boards, Audrey’s opening served as a make shift “reunion” where many of us met up for the first time to celebrate her success and talent.

(another)Chris took a few photos of the opening (and I took a few photos of the lot of us grabbing Noodles and goodies after a few hours of celebratory drinking and dancing), but if you are in the New York area, or willing to travel, I implore you to check out her work while on display. It’s so much better in person. Her attention to detail is near divine.

Audrey Kawasaki: Hajimari—a prelude

A treat after the jump.

Best part of the night, other than seeing a bunch of long known faces that I didn’t really know, Audrey agreed to paint me a woman “I” like, as I frequently used to tease “why don’t you paint any black/brown girls?” I have witnesses!

Audrey posts high-res images from her Exhibition


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