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Silhouette Brown “Leave A Note” featuring Lady Alma

2010 is already better than 2009 and it’s not even here yet. February 8th, we get Sade’s decade awaited new album as well as a new LP from Silhouette Brown (Bembe Segue, Kaidi Tatham & Dego/2000black), two.

Here’s a note Dego sent me about the forthcoming new album.

Silhouette Browns debut was greatly received and seemed to fill a gap in the soul underground, so 5 years is a long time for a follow up l.p but as the saying goes good things come to those that wait.The production & song writing team that is Silhouette Brown consists of Bembe Segue,Kaidi Tatham and Dego(2000black).This time around they are joined by a new vocalist the unmistakable sound of Philadelphia’s Lady Alma.

At last we can hear a long player with Alma’s distinctive soulful voice from start to finish showing all her versatility and warm spirit.

two moves Silhouette Brown into a relaxed head nod soul experience with some songs leaning towards a hip hop sound.An obvious example of that is ‘Get With It’ which features a guest performance from Brand Nubian’s Sadat X on a song about uniting and progression. Many subjects are sung about on two such as suicide on “Leave A Note” faith on “Hear Them Often Say” or the polar opposites in “Bitter Pills & Butterflies”. All this whilst Dego and Kaidi push a warm sumptuous melody driven groove in a way that they only know how. Also check out the guest appearance of the M.D Akwasi on “Strawberries in Vinegar” an instant boogie anthem.

Album art after the jump.


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  • HempireMusic says:

    People say that rap is a dead form. I tend to believe different, I believe it’s just evolving, and staying current. Prime example is what we’ve been doing over here… Check out Kryptik – V.I.P ft. Crooked I. Just google it, I don’t wanna spam a link. against night

  • Hey Yall,Silhouette Brown and my friend and also a client as forever your Stylis thank the young lady who set up your FB showing my work that I did with you LOL.. Ms.Lady Alma its always love and I will always support what you do,I am your biggest fan..Your voice has a earthly soulful spirit that touches hearts,you have been truly blessed just no that.. Collectively you guys have did a awesome job,just listening to the lyrics and the wonderful sound that was layered so beautifully LOVE…..

    Much Love,
    To ALL !!!!!!

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