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Lower Life Form – “Brownies”

By December 1, 2009Interviews, Music, News, Real Life, RIK.TV

We continue our week-long Lower Life Form event with a retelling of the infamous “brownies” incident. They’re performing at The Standard this Friday. There won’t be any brownies there.

Full story after the jump:

Several months ago, I drove down to Austin, TX, where Lower Life Form was deep into recording their new album, their first with the live band. I can’t remember the name of the studio, but it was located in a pretty unassuming area of town; basically and old house that had been gutted out and reborn as a studio. A nice studio at that – but you couldn’t tell from the outside.

I arrived on the second day of their residency there, and immediately saw the trappings of a typical Low Life event: beer, pizza, and the bag of… what are those, brownies? I love brownies!

“Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa – these are special brownies”, said Wayne, the bassist at the time. I understood what “special” meant.

“I’ll pass. The pizza isn’t special, is it?” To my relief, the pizza had not been altered. I dug in and enjoyed.

The bag of brownies began to make its rounds. I noticed that everyone was taking pretty small bites – no more than half a brownie. They all spoke of the “richness” of the brownies, and didn’t want to get carried away. That is, everybody except Brew. Brew reached in and grabbed two complete brownies – 4 times the recommended serving size. And it just went downhill from there.

Luckily for the band, they were only recording scratch vocals, so it didn’t matter if the MCs were all the way on point. As the rest of the band recorded music, Brew sweated away in his own vocal booth, although it was about 60 degrees in the studio. He began to speak his own lagnuage. His eyes were closed for much of the session. Durig their next break, Brew stretched himself out on the couch and became unresponsive, meeting each question with a series of primal grunts and moans. I don’t think he even remembers much from that day.

In this video, the members of the band recall Brew’s spiritual journey, courtesy of a bag of magical brownies.



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