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Vohn Beatz “You are Looking Over Us” Video

By October 27, 2009Misc, Music, News, Real Life, RIK.TV, View All

It’s really not fair. His beats are already better than 90% of Earth. His raps make you wanna give your life to Christ immediately. His studio sound is high-powered. He tours with Erykah Badu. AND his son Vohn Beatz makes harder beats than 89% of adults

Nonetheless, Symbolyc One aka S1 of Strange Fruit Project, the Cassette Union and the Cannabinoids aka “I Film on a Canon HD Hf200 with encinema adapter/35-50 mm lens. Photography with Canon Rebel T1i with different lenses as well”… is now making a foray into shooting, directing and editing video.

Here’s one of his newest joints, “You Are Looking Over Us” by Vohn Beatz from the upcoming EP entitled “Next Generation”. Oh, and Strange Fruit Project – M.A.S.K. (Making Art Sound Kool) The EP, AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD NOV. 10TH!!!! It ain’t fair, people…

You Are Lookin Over Us from S1 (Symbolyc One) on Vimeo.


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  • Joy says:

    ummm…that’s a baby rhyming like that?!?!?!? getting that deep with it? wow!

    (some) children are the future!

  • kritikul says:

    Wow. I feel inclined to say that dad helped him write this one ‘cuz the rhyme schemes are superior to even some seasoned emcees. Nonetheless, I’m diggin’ the content. It’s not often that you see children who firmly grasp the concept of grace and mercy at his age. From where I sit, it appears his pops has done a fine job raising him, and his music looks to continue to impress.

  • VohnBeatz says:

    Thanks for all the love! Just like everybody thought my dad helped with my beats, he doesnt, unless we collaborate on something. I write my own rhymes. But I thank you for the compliment. I Give God all the praises.

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