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Kid Cudi “Make Her Say (Poke Her Face)” Video

By July 22, 2009July 27th, 2009Music, RIK.TV

Now, I know I’m late. I couldn’t decide how I really felt about this joint yet.

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know I don’t think much of Kid Cudi as a ‘rapper’/hip hop artist. You might even venture to say I’m a hater when it comes to his entire presence in music and what often comes off as a sense of entitlment or divine, preordained purpose (have you seen this pretentious ass trailer to his 10 Deep mixtape from a year or whatever ago? *scoff*). Basically, I’m good on rappers that dress better than they rap.

But gyatdammit! I like this video and song. The look on Kanye face when he say “old enough”; Priceless. Common, your verse was les miserables.

Cudi finally got one in the win column with me, while Drizzy stay catchin’ Ls.

Kid Cudi: 1
Drake: 0


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  • JayBreez says:

    mouai .. the song is cool .. the video makes it cooler !!

  • dirkflowinski says:

    I can get wit this joint. It’s cool.

  • Joy says:

    I guess that I’ll go ahead and be the hater. This song is not “all that” to me. I still think that Cudi has zero personality. Nothing about him makes me want to hear more of his music, or see him live. Plus, the only good thing about this song is the blatant rip of the Lady GaGa sample from her live, acoustic performance of “Poker Face.” People do not even wait for things to get old before they start jackin’. They could have at least mentioned her name in the credits. …but if she likes it, I love it!

    “Big Weed” and I had a “textversation” about how these youngins need some artist development. I think that these artists just show up with some sorry a** rhymes, and expect fame. If life is going to be easy for you (especially, if you have Kanye, Common, and Weezy on your side), then you should at least work hard to avoid being wack.

    Cudi: 0
    Drake: Less than 0

  • pals_kcaw_sriggen says:

    Geez can’t these fuckers rap about something else other than topics that have been played over an over and over. I have lost all respect for Kanye and Common as far as I am concerned. Kid Cudi, who the fuck is that? another idiot who gained myspace fame? the epitome of garbage. Kanye just slapped drums over the samples and called it a day. WAAAAACK. and Common is fucking sell out BITCH!

  • sam says:

    This tune is wack..all you haters should hush, have you all even listened to his 2 mixtapes? and all the tracks?…i thought not. When you have, then you will realise why he is the next big thing. For example ‘man on the moon’, ‘The sky might fall’ and ‘the prayer’ are some of the best songs i’ve heard since Jay-Z came onto the scene. Love the song, keep up the good work
    peace out x

  • J.Rob says:

    @ sam: If you want to make your argument solid for the cause of Cudi being dope, don’t discredit yourself by only going back to Jay.

    Unfortunately, since you did, it only shows the depth of your own knowledge. Compare Kid to older hip-hop artists in the ’80’s who used the old A>A>B>B rhyme scheme like Slick Rick or the such (Not that I think Kid is that good, those guys were pioneers; that means they were doing something for the first time and all others don’t get the same respect for doing it again).

    That said, I do agree the Kid is good enough to listen to without wincing and with a little time and experience he might become something better. He might even be pushing his garbage tracks that will get him airplay and then show his true colors.

  • MissZindzi says:

    This isn’t my favorite Cudi track, mainly because of what the song is about (violating a chick’s face). However, I AM a fan of his and hardly see him as “garbage”. His mixtape is fire and it shows how eclectic his sound is.

  • Chicano Rap says:

    its okay not that great.

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