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Black In America 2: Cicely Tyson


  • The Question Remains? says:

    They should do one focusing on white people called ‘Whites In Stolen America’.

    It should be about the long evil, devilish and disturbing history and legacy of whites in America. Showing specifically what their roles have been in shaping America from the beginning. The true story of white people in America not the lies and the fabricated one that I was taught and what I read in my history books while I attended grade school back in the 80’s.

    For example, the slayings and murder of Native Americans/Indians by whites to illegally occupy this country called United States of America.

    The murders, beatings, and capturing of innocent Africans that were boarded onto slave ships and shipped over to America. And not only America, but South America, North America and the Caribbean,

    Also, The Slave Trade in America. On how whites from generation to generation who long benefited from slavery. Showing whom, what. and which companies and corporations that benefited from slave

    The killings, the murders, the rapes, the whippings, the hangings that went on during and after the abolishment of slavery as well by the hands of whites towards innocent black people.

    Also, it should go into the history of the KKK, skin heads, and other white supremacist groups in America. Showing the beginnings and the formation of it and all the evil these whites have done.

    Also, White peoples long history of racism and segregation in America. Not only in America, but racism and apartheid in Africa as well. How the legacy of racism and white supremacy still continues today, even though America has made some progress in electing a black president. But to me nothing really has changed. If you get down to the meat and bones of things their are still a large sector of white people in America who are still racist and prejudice.

    Those are just some of the talking points and revelations I wanted show you to whomever is reading this. I can go on and on. There are more. The evil deeds and evil legacy of whites in America is a long one as you should know.

    I want to say this to you white people. Reveal yourselves. You can’t fool me. I can see right through you people.

    I’m not scared of you crackers. Never have been, never will be.

    I’m a person that never was controlled by you white people. I never been brainwashed by you white people. I never been raped or exploited by you white people. And I never been to your prisons neither.

    I’m going to leave it there. I truly doubt they will ever make a ‘Whites In Stolen America’ to air on CNN.
    White people are the ones who control the media. They will never show their real evil history of themselves. but for me i’ll never forget how evil you people are.

    I’ll just make it myself to reveal the lies and show the true evil and devilish history and legacy of whites in America. In Europe and all over the world.

  • The Question Remains? says:

    “Stop making excuses and make a difference.”

    Hey Slop. I agree with you somewhat on that statement but not totally.

    White people need to stop making excuses and make a difference too.

    Don’t put the blame all on black folks. It goes deeper than that. Think about It.

  • The Question Remains? says:

    I got few questions I want to throw out there to you all. And in no particular, this is being asked off-the-cuff. Do you have the answers to them. Well God Damn!, I Do.

    Who assassinated Martin Luther King Jr. ?

    Who assassinated Malcolm X ?

    Who murdered Emmett Till ?

    Who assassinated Medgar Evers ?

    Who murdered Oscar Grant ?

    Who murdered Amadou Diallo ?

    Who was Rodney King beaten and assaulted by ?

    Who murdered and assassinated members of the Black Panther Party ?

    Who were the murderers and perpetrators of the 1963 Birmingham, Alabama Church Bombing that killed innocent black children ?

    ….. I can go on and on.

  • d.scott says:

    I don’t really understand why we can’t all just accept reality and truth for what it is. We as a people are not going to change, whether you’re black, white, hispanic, or whatever nationality you are. I takes a break in a cycle in order to make change exist. True, we do now have a minority as a president, but we have to first think about what cycle or what change we were truly trying to make when “we” as Americans voted this man into office. I know quite a few people who voted for this president simply because of his race. When it was announced that Obama was Pres.-elect, it was a celebration for many African Americans., it was like the O.J. Simpson verdict or the Rodney King beating all over again. The point that I’m trying to make is that WE did break a cycle to allow change, but at what cost?

    In REALITY the TRUTH in all of this is that, we all have predjudices, we are biased, and whether we want to admit or not we are all apart of a “RACIST AMERICA”.

    Many of us are still angry at the fact that our ancestors were beaten, raped, and murdered by white people. In present day, we are still being BEATEN down by ourselves because we lack so much self-confidence, we’re RAPED everyday of our knowledge because of our unwillingness to learn, we are MURDERING ourselves with AIDS, drugs, and alcohol.

    My question is what happens when you’ve gotten to a point when you feel like everything you are is all you’re going to be and you’re not pleased with who you’ve become? I believe there are different kinds of people in the world with different ways of handling many different situations but, what if you are one of the many who can’t see the light because you were born in darkness and lived through a lot of it too. To the point where you couldn’t see the light because of the way you were raised, you thought for so many reasons that it was there to blind you. What I’m saying is that people are the people they are, and the only reason they change is because of evolution. My point is that everything takes time and who are we to rush things as if we don’t have enough it. I also believe that everyone has a certain “job” in this world beyond the one that supplies our paychecks. Some people are here to wait, some are hear to learn, some are hear to be listeners, some are here to become great achievers, and some are here to fail . “If we never fail, how will we ever know what it feels like to suceed?”. If our bodies were never bruised, torn, or broken, how will we know what it feels like to be healed. People, let’s not rush life, we all have plenty of time to do what’s supposed to be done. Who are we to be angry at people who taught us what not to be like. I am grateful for the KKK, white supremacists groups, and every other organization that contributes to the disparaging of human beings.

    I have only one request…………….live and let life’s lessons live through you.

  • qua-siir says:

    Reading the comment by d. scott is a true testament to the brilliance of the willie lynch model. This ignorant person just excused 500! yrs of murder, rape, theft, disproportioned sentences, corruption,followed by a strategic systematic genocidal war on black people the world over purposely concieved to purpetuate white/anglo-saxon rule. this socialization of the black mind ensures that our white(counter-part) will always have the best of the best be it property, jobs, or opportunity their whole world revolves around inheritance and nepotism, thats y most black people recite words like this u have 2 b faster, stronger, and smarter. truth is, in AMERIKKKA u do have to b all those things 2 obtain and or achieve the minimal gains of your white counter part does d.scott ever ponder y that has been proven 2 b true this person like so many others r under the spell which is the illusion of inclusion all 1 has 2 do is pay attention in the event u didn’t notice not 1 anchor or pundit from any major news network msnbc,cnn,or fox I was surprised that Kieth Olberman & Rachael maddow whom I both love, missed the fact that cambridge cop lied (of course he did) in his report he stated that he was responding to a call of 2 #1 males that call sign is applicable to african american males in case u didn’t know HMMM the only time they will refer to us as #1 with out objection anyway, who were reportedly breaking into a home we all know that prof. Gates subsequently was arrested however once the 911 tapes were released the caller never eluded to race, only when asked did she say that she couln’d be sure but and I quote “1 of them might b hispanic.” The implication that police depts nationwide periodically detain, arrest, shoot, & somtimes kill non- whites historically & in dispoportioned #s, y that can’t b true this is y our 1st elected black president whom I dearly love & respect had to backtrack & I quote “callibrate” his words. Now we all know that his initial statement was correct. Hopefully I was clear & concise, lord knows i’m no linguist or writer so d.scott the next time u wanna suggest that black people are over reacting to strategic & systematic racism I would suggest that u, in the immortal words of KRS ONE take the pillow from your head and put a book in it. P.S. u sir or madame have chosen to be assimulated

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