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The Legendary KO: “The Ballad of Willie Turner” Explained

“The Ballad Of Willie Turner” Explained from Ethos Music Group on Vimeo.

Ethos Music Group, in conjunction with Rappers I Know, are joining forces to develop a project that may very well revolutionize how music is made and presented in the near future. The Legendary KO explains what “The Ballad Of Willie Turner” is:

From Damien (of The Legendary KO):

We finally get to reveal what we’ve been working on for the last few months: “The Ballad Of Willie Turner”, a 6 chapter EP that will be presented in a visual format.

This clip is an advance look at a project that will hopefully revolutionize the way that music is presented going forward. We’ll give you more as it progresses; we still have a lot of work ahead of us. Can’t let everything out of the bag just yet.

And judging by the dark circles under my eyes in the video, I need to get some more sleep.

P.S. – As a bonus, Big Mon relives one of his most memorable days at work.


Founding member of K-OTIX / The Legendary KO. Unheralded jack of all trades. Spends most of his time these days creating moving pictures and writing some of the best material he's ever written. Likes dogs. Cats - meh.


  • bavu says:

    so is this for unovel or not?

    i got laid off via phone in the airport while connecting to cabo san lucas for my anniversary and honeymoon.

  • Damien says:

    Bavu –
    The worst part is – they prob knew that and did it so that they wouldn’t have to tell you in person.

  • Joy says:

    sounds like an innovative project!

    i got fired on the same evening that i was planning to quit. i was in the parking lot, and had no intentions of ever driving back to that place. they summoned me from the parking lot to fire me. burn…

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