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  • Dj Ill One says:

    This is the Drake i`ve been waiting to hear.

  • OlDudeFromHC says:

    That was my favorite song on Comeback Season, shit is still bangin…

  • OOOOh @ the Anita Baker sample :D *sings* “Sweeeet Looooove!”

    Drake is ok tho. I don’t really care for him [not on his dick just because everyone is] but he has a decent flow here. Yay Drake!!!

    THIS still doesn’t convince me to run to get his album or mixtape or whatever, but this here is a decent track

    Gotdamn that ANITA SAMPLE! :D I likes I likes


  • Damien says:

    Paging Big Mon…

  • Big Mon says:

    It’s time to pass out library cards.


    same sample, better vibe.

  • JayBreez says:

    Hoe Cakes ?

  • Parodi says:

    Bout time. I’ve been waiting for that Elzhi verse.

  • VIDEOKINGnotwithstanding(fill in the blank) says:

    not a bad track but i can’t wait to the swagger rap free flowin style is over with and we can get back to seein who has original voice, delivery, cadence etc……. you know all the things that make THE GREATS greats. the thing people don’t realize is how dated 2006 – 2010 (lets hope its over with by then) is going to sound in 10-15 years. with this swagger rap and autotune. a message to all up and coming or established m.c.’s make your ish timeless don’t follow, progress and create. great examples of dating your album Craig G. – The Kingpin, released the same year as ATCQ’s People’s Instinctive Travels which do you still listen to? another example ANY NAS ALBUM (even tho Illmatic was classic), L.O.X. – Money Power & Respect. the list goes on Jay-Z any album between his 2nd and Bluprint. These artist have public said they regret some of these albums, TAKE HEED do not make their mistakes. If Drake sounds like this as well as any other “underground” or “commercial” M.C. Then challenge yourself to not sound like them. Pull out the classics or just some old or not so old tracks with folks with original style that never took off and make that ish fly. (i.e. Casual, Mr. Complex, Busta Rhymes, in the beginning) Do something people, this madness is killing me. Because one thing i will say about our current climate in hip-hop music is that PRODUCTION-wise things are pretty good, but are these beats wasted??? I’m soon reminded of the 92′-95′ season where know matter how good or bad you were more than likely you had good beats, but only a few albums truly made it out of the storm. Last i checked thats what this was all about making albums a piece of music to be treasured for a lifetime and then some, not just a couple of songs. So with that said (and i usually don’t make rants on blogsites but don’t catch me in person) the next time there is a complaint about someone “doing it differently” remember what i have stated on here and think about how you feel about this music on this day of your reading this…………

  • flwrpt. says:

    MF DOOM flipped this Anita Baker sample waaaaaaay better. HOECAKES!

  • Bush man says:

    Which Anita Baker sample was used on this track? Shit is bangin

  • postman says:

    9th needs to slow up on the sample reuse

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