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Briana Latrise On Charles Hamilton’s “Relationship” With J. Dilla

By June 10, 2009June 11th, 2009Misc, News, Real Life, RIK.TV


  • Jason says:

    “Feeding Dilla” with incense?

    Sonic the Hedgehog just rolled over in his grave. Again.

  • dirkflowinski says:

    I guess he won’t be doing no shows in the “D”

  • is this the chick that slapped him in the freestyle battle? Didn’t they used to fuck around or whatever? meh….I think EVERYONE needs to get off Dilla’s dick mayne. Let that nigga rest in peace. This situation damn near turned into some SHINE time for some folks…who the fuck cares about her opinion? WHO IS SHE? Is she family or been cool with the niggas? zzzz

  • Justin Herschel says:

    i cant believe u guys just posted a video from Vlad TV u guys r going downhill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dee Phunk says:

    Frank, you’re the homie for life. But please take this bullshit down and post the Hip Hop Official video w/ Houseshoes instead LOL. He talks about Sweeney and the whole nine. No one gives a flying fridduck about what Briana Latrise thinks. This was Vlad’s attempt to jump into the fray with an EXCLUSIVE and he fell flat on his face.

  • VIDEOKINGnotwithstanding(fill in the blank) says:

    ANDY KAUFMAN (if spelled right) i’m trying to tell ya’ll. next he will be on Jimmy Kimmel sitting next to Randy Ortman talking ish and gets WWE smacked (meaning fake) and it will be all over the news. and he will have won.

  • J. Bizness says:

    She’s BURNED OUT for this interview.
    Does anyone really want her opinion on the situation…? NO.
    She’s still mad that he put her business out there.
    That’s what happens when you fuck with funny style niggas, love.

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